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Faced with document fraud and identity theft coupled with new threats such as terrorism or cybercrime, and the understandable changes in international regulations, government and public sectors must now continuously reinvent themselves with new technologies to improve security and prevent identity fraud. 

Three words define the potential of government to succeed in the implementation of digital strategy – trust, interoperability and mobility. Gemalto, a Thales company is able to formulate successful digital strategy by delivering end to end, innovative security solutions that help ensure the security of people and documents.  

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1. Integrated Border Control System and Document Verification

A. Border Management

It provides a full range of applications to deploy best-practice immigration processes and state-of-the- art technologies at border management headquarters and border control points.

Border Management allows border control agencies to:

  • Provide faster, more secure and convenience border operations for travellers
  • Improve border intelligence for detection and prevention
  • Achieve uninterrupted service for mission-critical systems

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B. Document Verification

Document Verification is a distributed software system that automatically verifies the electronic and physical secure documents against templates that are stored in a centralised database and synchronized into local repositories

It enables government agencies to:

  • Allow flexibility and scalability to fight emerging fraud
  • Provide ease of customization to meet existing needs

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2. Live Face Identification System (LFIS)

Live Face Identification System (LFIS) includes 2 major components—Core LFIS and LFIS Check SDK (Software Development Kit).

Core LFIS provides video based face recognition designed to recognize faces in a crowd in real-time or post-event and searched against a built-in person of interest list.

LFIS Check SDK is a robust software development kit that allows developers to create applications that use face as a biometric identifier. The SDK comes with a demonstration application that shows how the SDK can be integrated with a document reader to match live faces with faces from documents.

LFIS is:

  • Scalable and able to be built on top of a configuration of stable technologies
  • A convenient configuration system with a rich set of web services that allow customers to extend functionality as required
  • Able to create a solution that is tailored to your specific end customer needs

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3. Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS)

CABIS is a scalable and customizable solution that allows you to perform a range of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing fingerprint, palm print, face and iris images and subject records.

It makes it easier for examiners/government agencies to:

  • Run complex multi biometric solutions with remarkable accuracy and speed
  • Allow easy integration with biometric recording workstations/devices and 3rd party systems

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4. Mobile Biometric Identification

Gemalto Cogent’s Mobile ID software delivers the power of an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) in portable, biometric handheld devices.

Mobile ID allows user to:

  • Perform in-the-field fingerprint and face identification quickly and easily
  • Enroll users into a local, state or federal biometric system instantly
  • Increase efficiency with the capability to submit searches and receive responses in the field

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5. Cogent Contactless Scanner

To discover about our latest contactless biometrics innovations, come and experience it for yourself at our booth.


1. Secure Documents

High-security documents are increasing in importance with the growth of travellers and the introduction of new travel document standards. This has resulted in the raise of expectation from the general public and the authorities. Gemalto secure documents allow governments, national printers and integrators to:

  • Controls the end-to-end value chain, including smooth delivery of electronic documents.
  • Future-proof solution that supports the evolution of standards
  • Fight counterfeit with easy and fast verification

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